Facebook Offers New Gender Identity Options


Facebook Gender OptionsThe latest modification in Facebook brings in more flexibility relating to gender definition. So far this popular social networking site has allowed users to classify themselves as male or female, which was restrictive because competitors such as Google have an option of “other” to identify people who fall in neither of the two categories.

New Change Relating to Gender

The new change in Facebook allows members to identify themselves as transgender, fluid, or intersex. Such classification will help people who neither belong to male or female genders provide honest details. It allows them to form a group and interact amongst their own set of friends.


But the site is receiving kudos because it has included a privacy feature which prevents others from knowing such details. People can use this feature to prevent unnecessary altercations and abuses. This helps people know each other as persons rather than by their genders. Friends can stop by to write on “their” walls rather than his wall or her wall.

With this new feature, Facebook has moved out of the conservative shade to more humane level. This social media website has considerable influence on thinking process of the younger generation, as well as older generation. The fact that Facebook is introducing such a feature implies that the website recognizes that transgender, fluid, or intersex members as human too, and soon others would start treating them without contempt. Gadgets world has never been averse to more human thinking, and it is bound to appreciate Facebook’s this new feature.

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