Facebook Testing Two New Updates


Two new additions are set to come out on the prime social networking Facebook, with testing being carried out on a notification sound as well as a new “Facebook Reply” button. Since the tests are still ongoing, it is not yet sure, when these introductions will actually be open for users, but it can be coming out anytime soon.

Notification Sound Feature

The notification sound feature seems like it will certainly be received with many mixed responses. Every time you get a new notification, message or an event invite, this fangled sound of a “ping” will greet you. Therefore, you certainly cannot be sure if it will be a welcome change, especially with people who use Facebook regularly on their gadgets and get many of such notifications.

Facebook Reply Button

The other new feature of a Facebook Reply button, on the other hand, looks like will be quite a handy one. This feature will let you reply to an individual directly who has commented on any post, without having to tag him/her, regardless of his/her presence in your friends list. This should certainly be a welcome new addition to help conversations with large amounts of comments involved, which can help remove confusions and make them more appealing.

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