Facebook to Get a Facelift with Message Filters


In a ‘new experiment’ started by Facebook from today, the social network is testing the possibility of gaining access to non friend’s inbox by sending them paid messages. The social network giant says that the feature would allow people to reach directly the stranger’s inbox instead of the usual ‘other’ folder, by paying a $1 fee per message. The trial is being done for a few users in the US who can receive one message per week. This message delivery option is a paid service like LinkedIn.

Here’s what it could mean for your account:


Facebook messages or emails from strangers could now land in your inbox. Facebook justifies charging a $1 fee per message to the sender to restrain unwarranted messages and has presently barred this service for brands.


Facebook is also revamping its message filtering options that segregates messages into various folders and is compatible with Facebook’s Android messaging App; for gadgets. Filters allowing access to friends and their contacts would fall under ‘basic filtering’ while those only from friends would become ‘strict filtering’.

The company hopes to gain more users and revenue through its improved communication settings.

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