Facebook’s Instagram Now Offers Direct Photo Sharing Facility


Facebook InstagramFacebook’s Instagram will now let users share their photographs in real time with a limited set of friends or relatives, i.e., 15 in all. This new Instagram Direct feature allows the group to send videos, private text, and photo messages across. Basically, Instagram is a software application for sharing photographs on mobile phones.

Mandatory Requirements

Such videos, photographs and message texts, can only be sent to followers.  As to hardware and software specifications, Android and iPhone users will have access to this new application. The feature is functional from Thursday, December 11, 2013.

Comparison with Other Photo Sharing Facilities

Twitter already has a messaging system WhatsApp, and there are other direct messaging systems such as those of Google Hangout, and facebook Messenger. Unlike these, the feature offered by Instagram essentially works only, when some photograph is sent.

Rapid technological developments are good for gadgets world because consumer gets more features with every such development. Instagram’s new feature is nothing to go overboard about. In fact, there is very little offered there. However, Instagram had to use the opportunity as sooner or later somebody else would discover this feature and be ahead of it.

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