Father of “C” Programming Language is no more


Dennis Ritchie, father of “C” programming language passed away last Saturday at his place at age 70.

Dennis: An Inspiration

He has given a lot to this world and people will always remember him, Pike expressed his emotions. Also, he said; he was my true friend, collaborator and colleague. Without any doubt, he was an inspiration to all of us, not just because of his achievements but because of who he was as a person, a great inventor, amazing friend and humble by nature.  All his colleagues at Bell Labs are going to miss him like anything, Kim, his colleague, remembered Dennis Ritchie.

His Achievements

It was in the year 1968 that Ritchie signed on with Bell Labs, before that he already had earned degrees in mathematics as well as physics. In the year 1971, he teamed up with popular engineer Ken Thompson which resulted in the creation of UNIX and two years later, C language was released. Thus, the gadgets we look today could possible to be made.

In additions to his achievements outlined above, Ritchie was also presented with the National Medal of Technology award by President Clinton for creating C as well as UNIX. In the late 1990s, Ritchie was transferred to Lucent Technologies and he retired in 2007.

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