Features of Android 4.3 built for Samsung smartphones carried by AT&T leaked


Android 4.3 on Samsung DevicesIn the latest leak, features of Android 4.3 version built exclusively for Samsung’s smartphones that are for AT&T variants were disclosed. People who own high-end Samsung gadgets, such as Galaxy S4, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note II, and Galaxy S4 Active can now update the operating system in these instruments to Android 4.3 version, provided these handsets were bought from AT&T. AT&T is the carrier for such devices. DesignGears developed such firmware exclusively for AT&T devices.


Samsung announced a list of its smartphones, including Galaxy Note 3, which would have access to the customized Android 4.3 that can run on AT&T devices only. The list excludes Galaxy Mega 5.8, Galaxy Mega 6.3, and Galaxy S4 Mini.


The upgrade comes with Android 4.3 support for the smart watch from Samsung, i.e., Samsung Galaxy Gear. This makes the offer for update quite attractive.

As of now, Android 4.3 is in pre-release stage. This makes it vulnerable to different bugs, which were not, observed while developing it. Therefore, caution needs to be exercised while opting such pre-release updates and those who want to install Android 4.3 should take recovery image and proper backup of their device in hand.

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