Finally iDevices on A5 Chips have Untethered Jailbreak


Jail breaking is the system of removing all the restrictions by Apple gadget.

Jail breakers reinvented

It is done on systems running iOS 5.0 operating systems and is done with custom kernels. Such devices include iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and second generation Apple TV. Recent news of hackers from Chronic DEV was near to open jailbreak for Apple devices. They would break iPhone 4S gadget and the new iPad 2. A French jail breaker gave a message saying, “only a few wait now.” It is evitable that the jailbreaks are finally available, this gadget uses Greenpois0n Absinthe tool.

The new jail breaking empire

Availability of the jail breaker is now restricted to apple Mac computers, but it is recently heard that Windows & Linux versions will also be available in the future. So for people who desire to jail break their Apple iPhone 4S or iPad 2, here is the absolute solution: to be followed:

• First, run your device on iOS 5.0 or you can also run on 5.0.1. However, for the iPad Wi-Fi will be needed.

• Then take a back-up and click on the jail break after you have launched Greenpois0n.

• The system will be rebooted, the Greenpois0n will show device. Tap it and again reboot.

• The device again boots and Cydia icon will be shown.

This will indicate the latest generation of the iOS devices that have been jail broken.

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