“Find Friends” feature of MessageMe is Blocked by Facebook


MessageMe app is only a week old in the market but still it is getting to the headlines! Users on the social networking in iOS have ranked it second among the most popular app for the gadgets. Even though the market is saturated with apps in this genre, this MessageMe app gets a warm welcome.

Forbidden on Facebook

It is the brainchild of LOL Apps Company that is quite popular among Facebook gamers. The popularity of MessageMe app is because its association with the LOLapps that has around 50 million Facebook users. Facebook is being so threatened that this app has been forbidden from use in the messenger service of Facebook.

Facebook has consistently tried to use its own messenger service with incentives like VoIP calling for free, and data download for free in some countries. But this app seems to get a considerable setback because of these steps in the near future.

Another reason for forbidding

Another reason for forbidding users to use this app on Facebook is that it believes that it contradicts the policy of Facebook since this app captures core functionality of the user.

MessageMe does not provide any benefit to Facebook isn’t this valid reason.

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