Firefox OS to Smarten up Panasonic’s Television


Panasonic 4K TVApple’s iOS and Google’s Android are in no rush to leave the smartphone market. Microsoft is down but not out. It is indeed making a comeback with a bang with its Windows 10 for mobile phones. Small players like Firefox will soon be history if they do not find a foothold elsewhere. That is what Firefox has done by joining hands with Panasonic to make 4K TVs.

What can a Television set with Firefox do?

Think of it as smartphone with a large screen and television set with all capabilities of a computer. Therefore, all web applications can be used on this smart television set. It is also possible for people to customize the screen, gain access to desired channels faster, and to send emails. Users can also transfer content on their television sets across to different devices. This has not been possible so far.

What are the Prospects for this Product?

The boundaries between computers and television sets will diminish. While television set may not have required technologies to be a comprehensive gadget that facilitates talking as well, Firefox has pioneered a way towards it.  For starters, Panasonic is only introducing Firefox on some of its models, which are CR 850 and 730, and CX 680, 700, 750, and 800. Whether these television sets will continue to be referred to as television sets or be termed as smart televisions remain to be seen.


It is a pioneering development for sure and its potential will soon be exploited by many developers. It will make Google, Microsoft, and Apple sit up and wonder why it never struck them to think out of the box in this way. Even though smartphone market is much larger, the fact that people would become more familiar to Mozilla’s Firefox, when compared to other browsers, will increase the popularity of Firefox on other gadgets, without much effort on the part of Mozilla.

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