Flickr Bug Issue – Private pictures went Public


Flickr – a major photo sharing site – seen some bugs recently and as a result the images uploaded by its users, marked as private, could be seen publicly for a long time. Users are wondered how it can be but it’s true that some bug had affected the site functionality.

As per Flickr, they captured a bug during maintenance and this bug may be responsible for the issue. They further said that it happened during the time period in between 18-Jan, 2013 to 7-Feb 2013. Now, they are saying that they are going to implement some additional security measures so that such mishaps can’t occur again.

However company is saying that the bug has infected only a small fraction of the users as well as the images uploaded but while considering their vast user base this small fraction could be in millions; since approx 1.4 millions images are uploaded daily on Flickr. On a note, generally the images uploaded within April to Dec, 2012 have been targeted by the bug.

Well, it’s still not clear how many users have seen problems because of this bug as Flickr couldn’t provide a clear report to the users if their private pictures have been viewed publicly around the web.

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