FMP-X1 from Sony to be launched this summer


Sony has announced the release date and the price of the new Ultra HD 65 inch and 55 inch LED TVs that in association with the FMP-X1 media Player can let you play 4K movies and enjoy even better. The media player is priced at $699 and coming this summer!

10 Feature Films

The FMP-X1 will give you ten feature films along with other short videos. Some of the films are Taxi Driver, Salt, The Bridge on the river Kawi, total Recall, Amazing Spider Man, karate kid and so on. All of these are box office hits and will certainly offer justice to the $699 the consumer pays.

Service of Video distribution Plan

Sony is planning to start a video distribution plan, and all those owners of the FMP-X1 gadget will be able to reap its benefits. A whole 4K library will be accessible to them for a subscription and apart from other productions it will contain productions of Sony Entertainment.

Hot news is that on April 17th Sony will be promoting its video player in the Film Festival called Tribeca but with the 500$ TV and another 700$ for the player do you think it will be within reach of the average people.

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