For Businesses, Google Apps no Longer Free of Cost


Google initially launched its Google Apps Services free of cost for all types of consumers and organizations in 2006, and it remained that way, until now of course. Google announced on Thursday that the Google Apps for the gadgets would be now available only as paid apps for Businesses, something that has created quite a mixed reaction from all over the market.

Businesses can pay for the apps presumes Google

Google had offered the apps for free and had hoped businesses would prefer buying the Google Apps Premier Edition for $50 a year for each user. Now it seems they want every user to pay something, which will surely be a roadblock for many new users. Yes, that is the click: existing users of the free version need not pay; they can continue using the Google Apps free.

What does Google have to say about it?

Google’s Director of Product Management for Google Apps explained the situation in a blog post and said that the premium business version was launched along with the availability of the free basic version. Though both individuals and businesses are the users of this version, but as the free version has certain limitations, so businesses need the premium version with the customer support for 24/7.”

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