Free WiMAX Offered by NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband


There is a brand new release by NetZero, a cost effective 4G mobile broadband, WIMAX. It offers to access the web at just $9.95 per month without any contracts or agreements required. This feature is now exclusively available in around 80 cities, in the United States. This also allows you with the liberty to choose a USB modem or Wi-fi hot spot for more than eight gadgets. If you want, a prolonged data allowance you can also speed up your 4G data network service accordingly.

A faster option

Are you a download maniac! Then you should opt for a better and faster alternative WarSpeed. It fastens your download speed to10Mbps. LightSpeed users have the freedom to switch between these two options according to their wish with no revision required on the subscription fees.

Subscription schemes

You can either subscribe to the $99.95 hotspot or $49.95 USB, with which you access up to 200 MB per month for 1 year. More plans include $9.95 for 500 MB, $19.95 for 1GB, $34.95 for 2GB and $49.95 for 4GB for 1 month.

Users will not be charged any additional charge for exceeding the data limit. Users will immediately get a pop-up for either getting a top-up or buying more data immediately. You have the option of upgrading your plan quickly, or you can wait for the month, to get over.

The service NetZero actually uses an MVNO carrier for reselling its 4G service rather than fixing its own network. However, according to the deal that has been made with Clearwire during the early times of 2011, which makes this a more of WiMAX instead of LTE.

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