Fujifilm is working on 1 Tera Byte Optical Disc


Well known tech company, Fujifilm, is working on optical disc which will have the memory of 1TB. It is expected that the disc may launch in 2015.

Actually, we have recently seen that optical media is losing its importance and even more, Apple didn’t give an optical drive in its recent iMac gadgets. The introduction of cloud storage as well as digitalization of the content has greatly accelerated this trend.

However, there is something good for optical drive lovers. Fujifilm is still working to keep it alive. The company is working to develop the optical disc which will help the users to carry enough data along with. Fujifilm has recently announced that they are working towards it and it may be possible in 2015 anytime. Going one more step ahead, this development may lead to the discs which may have capacity as much as of 15 Tera Byte. They declared this news at International Broadcast Exhibition which was held this year recently.

They said to use the latest two-photon absorption technology in these optical discs. As they said, it may cost somewhat less than that of Blu-Ray discs. Currently we can store a maximum of 128 GB data on Blu-Ray discs.  However, these optical discs may be as cheap as magnetic tapes.

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