Google’s Android Design Guide Released at CES


How an Ice Cream sandwich design is made? How to represent the Android spirit? On Thursday, to answer these questions Google has unveiled Android Design guide for creating the best Android interfaces and apps.

Android Design

This Android Design guide is especially useful in learning about the patterns, building blocks, and principles to create stunning user interfaces for Android gadgets. In a blog post, Head of the Android design group, Christian Robertson said that these documents would support a developer or UI professional to create compelling designs, no matter big or small. He also added that Google has made a commitment to help the people in designing amazing apps that people can deploy and love for a long time. More in depth content based on Android design, Google+ hangouts and blog posts related to it will be soon available in this month.

Three Goals of Android OS

According to Google for the Android based Ice Cream sandwich the focus has been made to achieve the goals of simplify my life; enchant me; and make me amazing.

Eric Schmidt, Google executive chairperson, said that Google wants to meet the need of users by making pleasing interfaces, so that people enjoy it with more taste. Android new version will be pure, cleaner with more reserve and occupying less space.

The possibility of Android fragmentation cannot be denied as only 0.6 percent of devices have Ice Cream Sandwich so may be the new versions of Android will hover around.

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