Google Brings Down Online Storage Drives Prices Drastically


Google DriveIt took Google to bring smile on the faces of gadgets users. The company has drastically reduced the prices of online storage on its drives. People would have to pay mere $1.99 every month for 100 GB storage. It gets even cheaper as people start using the space in terabytes. A terabyte online storage on Google’s drive would now cost just $9.99 per month. Prior to such slashing of prices, people paid $4.99 per month for 100 GB storage on Google Drive. Likewise, they’d spend $49 per month for storing one terabyte data on Google’s drive.

Gmail and Free Space

The company has not revised its policy about the free storage with its mailing facility. Therefore, Gmail users will continue to enjoy 15 GB online storage without paying for the facility.


Two of Google’s competitors are already likely to be affected by such slashing of online storage prices. Microsoft has paid plans for its OneDrive. It offers 7GB for an annual charge of $25. This looks considerably expensive when compared to Google’s offer because of the free 15 GB from Google. Dropbox, on the other hand, offers 100 GB for the same price as Google is offering now.

Online storage will help people in many ways. It can help to have a backup, and simultaneously access information from anywhere. Sharing images and data is also easier this way. Lower prices may increase such activities, and consequently, demand many of Google’s products.

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