Google Chrome Now Most Popular Internet Browser


For the first time ever, Google Chrome has eclipsed Internet Explorer as the most used web browser in the world during the week from May 14 to May 20 according to a statistic released by StatCounter. Mozilla Firefox came in third, and Apple’s Safari web browser was a distant fourth in the list.

Chrome, Not King Everywhere

Although Chrome has surpassed Internet Explorer as the most used browser with their gadgets around the world, but in many regions like the US, Japan, and China Chrome is still playing the second fiddle to the Microsoft Windows browser according to the Verge. In some countries, however, the situation is a different take India where Internet Explorer is in third place while Mozilla follows Chrome at the top. In South American countries, almost half of the web traffic has been found to originate from Chrome.

What It Means For Google?

Google Chrome is a free web browser and does not bring in money, but the search engine ads do. Internet Explorer was sort of the default browser previously among web browsers, but now the title seems to slip on to Google Chrome. Google did not say anything about the statistic officially, but a spokesperson said in an email that it was terrific news for the leading search engine.

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