Google confirms rumors of Voice support via Chrome and Gmail


It is the official news that Google is taking steps to extend outgoing Voice calls via Gmail and Chrome Hangout’s, a facility that is now only limited to incoming calls.

The I/O Developer Conference

The I/O conference has been very eventful for the app world! We saw Google Hangouts that allows synching of text, pictures as well as live. It is compatible with all android, iOS and PC gadgets and has given good reason for consumers to dump Gchat. By shifting from Gchat to Hangout, you can enjoy Google voice for incoming calls only via Chrome.

Calls supported by Google Hangouts

At the official blog post of Google, Nikhyl Singal has written that it is not too far when Google Voice will support both inbound and outbound calls. However, right now in the Chrome extension the Google Voice number is supported by the inbound calls. Company is working hard to support both the fronts till then, he says, consumers can use Gmail’s Google talk for their convenience.

If you are an ardent supporter Gchat, you can for the time being use this but Hangouts is definitely the future and soon will replace many apps. Hangouts update can be reversed for those who want to stick with Gchat only by clicking the “revert to old chat” option given near the chat section.

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