Google Hangout Makeover Gives it a Look of Android App


Google HangoutOn Thursday, Google Hangouts apps now gets a complete new look that appears quite similar to the popular messaging apps. For iOS 7 Google Hangouts needed a complete makeover and the new version has now included all the attributes of the likeable features.

More Tabs Now

 The new 2.0 version of Hangout now gets more tabs present at the bottom of the screen including the categories such as, Contacts, Favorites that show their similarity with the WhatsApp and the Facebook Messenger app.

Improved Features of Google Hangouts

Frank Petterson, Google engineer give the information through his Google+ post that now users will be able to navigate easily with this app. With the enhancing features, you can now swap photos, messages and videos along with the facility of making free video and voice calls to your friend or to the people groups.

Google Hangout is now entirely optimized for the iPad and iOS 7 gadgets allowing its users to make a 2-pane conversational picture video calling. This 2-pane talking view looks ideal for the large screen of the tablet.

Moreover, funny animation based stickers depicting your mood and you no more need words to share your feelings. This Hangout app is available for the people of U.S and Canada for free calls and video calls.

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