Google Improving Search Apps for Windows Phone with Voice Support


Google Search AppsNot so long ago, Google withdrew its support to Gmail on mobile phone devices based on Windows OS. While the two technology giants slugged it out over contentious issues such as You Tube, the common man from gadgets world held his breath. Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise to find Google coming up with an update of search application for Windows Phones.

The Past

The contentious issues between Google and Microsoft led to Google blocking Windows Phone users accessing its maps from web, and Gmail. Then there were issues relating You Tube. At one time, Google went so far as announcing that it had no plans to develop any applications for windows platform.

The Present

The latest Google search app for Windows phone is the version. This updated application enables the Windows phone device to show voice commands on display screen, in real time. Other bugs that are removed in this updated version include Google’s image viewing improvement, and resolution increase. These features can be accessed on smartphones with Windows 8 loaded in them.

In principle, the update is not offering anything new. But, it has been a while before any such update of search apps were released by Google for Windows phones and that is significant by itself. The end of the fight between Google and Microsoft will help Windows based devices fare better. It will, however, be interesting on how the two giants move forward from now onwards.

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