Google Launches Google Drive Realtime API


With the new API from Google other developers may implement Google Drive Features in their apps. This API, better known as the “Google Drive Realtime API” will be capable of handling network communication, presence, storage, conflict resolution and other details that facilitate collaboration and is giving the developers freedom only to create the best of apps (rest will be done by API).

Benefits of Realtime API

This API is surely going to improve the user experience allowing users to edit their slides, sheets and doc directly through their gadgets with the apps. These files will be synced without any further instructions and for those in forums, they will be able to see the action of others in the same forum.

More about the Collaboration feature

Collaboration feature is the best part of this API. So with this you will know who are updating, changing, and not available online in your group. There is also a chat feature that will let you communicate in between yourselves.

Currently only three third part apps are available with API, but many are in the pipeline, to be endowed with it soon. These 3 apps are Neutron Drive that can edit online text and source code, Gantter- a project online scheduling tool and that helps in creating diagrams, flowcharts and illustrations. However, realtime features of Google Drive are soon to be seen on Android apps also.

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