Google offers Hefty Discounts on Nexus 6 and Nexus 9


Heavy Discounts on Nexus 6 & 9Google is in the mood to play Santa to gadgets buyers. A whopping $150 discount on Nexus 6 will help any customer waiting on sidelines to jump at the offer. Last week, this California-based company had offered $20 discount on Nexus Player. What is up its sleeve is anybody’s guess. But gadgets buyers aren’t complaining.

Nexus 6

The product was released in two versions, i.e., a 32GB version, and a 64GB version. After this discount, the 32GB device is available for $500, whereas the 64GB device will cost only $50 more.

Nexus 9

Google has offered a teaser with Nexus 9. It has not dropped the prices of this device. Instead, the company has offered $50 credit on Google Play with this device. However, this offer is for limited period only. The offer will end by June 23rd. Google possibly wanted it to be father’s day bonanza.


Both the offers are valid even on Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 devices that are still within the return period, i.e., Nexus 6 and 9 purchases in the last 15 days. The devices can be bought from Google Store. It is undoubtedly a smart move on the part of Google because Microsoft’s Windows 10 may soon take the center stage. Hopefully, Google is not left holding too much of inventory for offloading at that stage because then the prices would actually topple. Google may also be cornering the market, which otherwise, may go to its competitor.

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