Google pushing its fiber optics networks to both Kansas Cities


Those that are living in Kansas City, Kansas or in Kansas City, Missouri are up for a surprise. They will soon be eligible for one of Google’s newest project, called the Google Fiber. This project aims to spread thousands of miles of fiber optic cables into cities around the United States with the ultimate objective of allowing homes as well as businesses to use these high-speed networks.

Both Kansas Cities mentioned above are the cities on which Google Fiber will first take place. The project was recently delayed as Google as well as the local city officials were in a disagreement as to how the fiber optic cables should be placed in the two cities. After reaching an agreement, the team behind Google Fiber will soon lay the cables in the focus of creating the network backbones first. Soon after that is worked out and everything is set to go, Google will then offer the service to homes as well as businesses. As a result, expect its customers to be connected to the gigabit network which would have speeds far higher than any high-speed connections in the country. However, this will still take a while before it is fully completed even in these two cities.

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