Google Revamps Image Search to make it more Reliable


Associate Product Manager of Google Images, Hongyi Li, enunciated that Google has reformed the images search, considering the feedback from the users and webmasters. Now, this restructuring lets the users come out of the time consuming thumbnail search offered currently. The users will be able to flip through images as sets and not as thumbnails.

The Pros

Users who need information on the image displayed can get it easily. Only a central image is made available, and display of smaller sized images relevant to the search keyword accompanies.

This actually saves time by cutting down clicking on the image and hovering it for information. So, unwanted landing upon on a new page for information, the users get it right under the image. All description of image inclusive of size and domain names is listed with the image. The image’s background will not have the details of the image. These changes result in speeding up the image search process of the user.

Wrap up

Now, with no mouse and only keyboard of their computer gadgets, the users can flip through the images. The webmaster metrics’ accuracy is also improved. You can go to the search results by scrolling down and picking up the left off place.

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