Google SMS search withdrawn without intimation


Google has stealthily withdrawn the SMS search app without prior intimation to the users. But very few people seem to have reacted; the Google smartphone users especially.

Selected few made their resentment official

Even though most of the users remained very little affected, a selected few did make time hoist their resentment. We saw them post on the Google Product Forum regarding the sudden loss of their trusted text based SMS search tool. The link was preferred by many because as soon as a question was raised by the user, Google supplied them with links to their answer. It was mainly targeting those consumers who did not have an internet connection to their smartphone.

Disabled since May 9

The SMS search feature has been disables since May 9 and those who tried to use it after that was asked by Google, to log on to the official site from any other gadget, if not the one that he is carrying! But the other SMS based applications like Blogger, Gmail, Calendar and Google Voice remain consistently working.

The official blog from Google did mention that it was a tough choice, but whether they will be restoring the plan in the near future is not mentioned.

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  1. Eric says:

    One correction/modification to this post:
    Google disabled the functionality to create event via sms (GVENT) in December:

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