Google Takes Sparrow under its Wings


Sparrow- a prominent email client application developed for Mac and Google has acquired Windows platform. The ‘seamlessly simple and intuitive interface’ will be integrated into the Gmail ecosystem. The Sparrow e-mail client will not be terribly much influenced by Gmail anyway.

Sparrow’s Story

Sparrow’s CEO Dom Leca has said in their official blog that with the acquisition by Google and working on the Gmail team will enable them to ‘accomplish a bigger vision’. A few months back Sparrow was reported to be working on the iPad version of its email client application, but there is still no story about that. Perhaps Sparrow as an email client looks to use the Gmail tag to its advantage across gadgets.

What Google Seeks

It looks as Google has been buying out apps to give a boost to the sidelined Gmail app for iOS gadgets. As of now, Google has not made any announcement regarding what the role of Sparrow is exactly in the Gmail world. Google will be supporting Sparrow apps with security and bug fixes, but there are no plans for any significant upgrades. The Sparrow team is expected to work on some ‘new projects’ and it remains to be seen what they exactly are.

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