Google Unveils ‘Helpouts’ Video Tutorials


Google HelpoutsSince August this year, Google’s Helpouts was on trial in a limited environment. Basically, Google Helpouts is a hangout wherein people can seek and get help of any expert using video chat. This service is no longer in preliminary stages. It is now launched for everybody. Three technologies i.e., hangout, google plus, and google wallet are integrated for offering this new service. Helpouts is not confined to help in using gadgets. Instead, it gives access to experts in various fields including cooking, health, make up, etc.

Experts Advice

There are experts who are registered with Google’s Helpouts. These people take those queries and respond to them. The desirable feature of this new service is that people receive help, straight from the experts, without a third party in between. Most of these experts are paid, though there are a few who offer their services without any charges.

Availing Google Helpouts Services

To avail this service, users of Google’s Helpouts have to be prepared to pay some charges. In addition, they should have a Google Wallet account. In fact, even the expert needs to have such an account. The list of experts available for the selected classification is presented. If the expert is willing to respond quickly, the user and expert are connected immediately. Alternatively, the expert can indicate when he or she is free to take that call. The user in need of advice can then call the expert and the chat begins.

Gadgets world has many specialists such as physicians and lawyers offering similar services. However, this is the first time a wide range of services is available under one roof. Moreover, the support is almost immediate and directly from one person to another. Completely, people can avoid sending text questions, and waiting for answers in Helpouts.

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