Google+ Vs. Face Book – Rising Competition in Social Networking Marketplace


Google+ and face book are part of social networking world. It means both of them must have some features which make them unique in the world of social networking. The aim of these websites is to attract more and more traffic so that they can increase their popularity and can gain maximum profit.


It is a commercial social networking site owned by Google Inc. The Invite Only Testing Services of Google+ was launched on June 28, 2011. According to these services you are only permitted to invite people to create their own accounts. Google+ is composed of services like Google Buzz and profiles. Many new services like Huddles, Circles, Hangout and Sparks have provided this social networking site an advance look. If you are using iOS or Android gadgets then you can use Google+ in the form of desktop application.


Facebook is operated and privately owned by Face book Inc. It has above 750 million active users. You can exchange messages and can get notifications automatically when someone updates his profile.

It is a confusing question that both these websites can co-exist in the world of social networking sites pr not because in just 16 days Google+ has invited more than 10 million of users. Also the features of Google+ are better than face book.






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