Google’s Android 5.1 is launched on Android Devices headed for Indonesia


Android One IndonesiaGadgets world was surprised to note that Android One based devices that are being sold in Indonesia have the latest version of Android, i.e., Android 5.1 in them. Google has, however, not announced such OS. It is a bit surprising that Google chose to launch such advanced software in Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc., without announcing it.

Android One Devices

Even though Google has never announced 5.1 version of Android, people were expecting some improvements on its previous OS. There are images of this latest Android OS on Android One devices such as on Nexian Journey.  They are convincing enough though it can still be considered as speculation about the OS.

Features in Android 5.1 Lollipop

For now, nobody in the developed countries knows because the software is leaving for developing and underdeveloped nations.  Google is trying to offer its handsets in these countries at affordable rates.

If only Google had chosen to announce the product, it would have been something for the market to look forward to. Google, however, has been up to similar tricks in the past, so market would be on look out for the OS without confirmation from the company.

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