HD Video Support added for Skype to use on Windows 8


Windows 8 users can now chat in HD video with their Skype contacts- is the latest buzz in town! It is only today that this update of 2.4 Skype was available for Microsoft Windows 8 and Androids.

Available for both lower end and higher end smartphones

Lower end devices, when updated with this version, will enable VGA input whereas the high end ones in the like of Nokia Lumia, Samsung Ativ, HTC 8X will stream in HD video, in 720p. As per the speed of the network, it will automatically set the video and allow users to navigate between landscape and portrait mode. Any one of the cameras-rear or front- can be used for the purpose.

Other features

By this update, the Skype contacts will be displayed in the Peoples Hub and hence there will be no necessity for users to get connected to Skype first. Users can also navigate between accounts for their calls.

With this version, Skype has fulfilled its promise of better reliability and better quality of calling for Skype users on smartphone gadgets. In the earlier version users faced the problem of receiving notifications at the offline mode. However, in the new version this issue has been fixed.

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