HP Bring Back Windows 7 over Windows 8 in its Devices


HP Windows 7Gadgets manufacturers like HP always integrate latest technologies in their products. Therefore, market should have been aghast when HP chose to step down from Microsoft’s Windows 8 to Windows 7. The reason is obvious. Windows 8 is far from perfect, though not as bad as Vista. Windows 8 was a touch based user Interface from Microsoft.

Future of Windows 8

Microsoft has introduced an update of Windows 8, i.e., Windows 8.1, addressing a few of the issues. It also intends to introduce Windows 9 version in a year’s time, which would be around January 2015. In the interim period, people who are looking to buy Windows based devices would all prefer machines that offer trouble free OS, and Windows 7 based machines are preferred over the others because of features and trouble free nature. HP has been quick to assess the market’s pulse in this regard. It is; therefore, offering customers a choice between Pro or Home versions of Windows 7 in its latest devices.

Fate of Windows 7 Based Units

People opting for purchasing laptops and other machines with Windows 7 will continue to receive relevant support from Microsoft, at least till Windows 9 is released and can find a foothold for itself. Thereafter though Microsoft would be only offering limited support, which too would be withdrawn by completely by 2020.

There is tremendous pressure on software as well as hardware companies to offer something new almost each quarter. The competition is now leading to imperfections, and Windows 8 will be remembered as one such imperfection. Reverting to previous versions and editions of OS may help HP this year, but in the long run, it is not the best thing either from the buyer’s perspective, or the seller’s perspective.

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