HP is giving open webOS 1.0 in September, 2.0 framework for developers today


Long gone is the day when Palm had dominated the mobile market with its handheld devices. In fact, a lot of the old timers has been replaced by much younger operating systems on which Android and the iOS to be one of the few examples.

Palm had its last chance with its mobile operating system called the webOS but after it was acquired by HP, little attention had been paid to this operating system. In fact, not many was heard about it and thus it was anything but famous. The company didn’t invest as much as Google or Apple did to the Android and the iOS respectively.

webOS is no longer being supported by HP today which in return is a bitter end for a brand once famous for its devices. However, HP is giving the open source community an opportunity to give the operating system a shot. As a result, it is planning to release Open webOS sometime in September this year and it will be part of the Enyo 2.0 framework as well.

The company has invested heavily on this project. $1.2 billion should not be put to waste and maybe when the operating system has been open sourced, it will be a lot better in the future.

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