HP’s Operating System – WebOS is Back


Hewlett Packard’s CEO Meg Whitman has announced HP’s own operating system WebOS will be open source.

From the Company Sources

Whitman believes by releasing the operating system’s code openly, improvements can be made by coders throughout the world. Whitman has also said that by making the WebOS open source we are trying to harness the power of community. According to her once WebOS reaches its true potential it can be an alternative to other operating systems.

WebOS – Getting New Life

Previously HP had announced that they will come up with their own operating system WebOS and will start using it in smartphones and tablets. However they had ceased all plans and had taken a back seat. Whitman has said even though there was a slight setback, HP is going to develop all of their gadgets based on WebOS. HP’s CEO has said that public will start seeing WebOS tablets in 2013.

Whitman has been commended by all, for her leadership in one of the biggest companies in the world. When Whitman was hired HP’s condition was somewhat fragile, yet now with Whitman HP has beaten Wall Street estimates.

With the help of the WebOS, Whitman is planning to compete with other major organizations and further prosper HP.

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