HTC Confirmed: HTC 8S Won’t Be Available in US


During recent times, HTC has introduced two gadgets in the market: low end HTC 8S and Flagship Smartphone HTC 8X.

In US market, the HTC 8X smartphone is already available to buy and you can purchase it from different network providers but don’t why HTC 8X is not going to be available for android lovers in United States. Additionally, they don’t have any plans to release this device in US market.

In case, you were expecting to have a Windows 8 Phone for cheap prices then you are not at luck since HTC has confirmed it officially that they aren’t going to introduce this low end Windows 8 phone in the market.

It seems that there is some costing logic behind this move of the company. While having a close look at the Windows 8 OS enabled smartphones; we can see that this device was going to give a serious challenge to other smartphones in the market like Nokia Lumia 820 etc. It comprises each and every feature from a Snapdragon S4 chip to a WVGA display of 4” that could make it the most preferred offer in US smartphone market.

Probably HTC won’t want to go with those low prices which were anticipated from At&t and other carriers’ offer.

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