HTC Ensure Patent Wars Do Not Spoil its Party


In the backdrop of Apple winning the patent infringement war against HTC about certain context menu functions, HTC treaded extremely carefully in the muddied waters by intelligently dropping the feature in its new gadgets released in the US. Cleverly circumventing block of its flagship devices, Verge reports that HTC One X and Evo 4G LTE will not be blocked from the market due to the setback.

The ITC Verdict

 The US International Trade Commission has found out that HTC’s messaging app along with the Android browser outlaid in HTC Android phones violated an Apple patent. The patent deals with the menu that pops out when a user clicks on a mail or a phone number to enquire what needs to be done redirect to email client or phone number is dialed.

The HTC Counter-attack

Neither One X nor the Evo 4G LTE feature the controversial context menu- the user is directly directed to the email client or the phone number is dialed. In the HTC gadgets, in the US, has a setting option that allows you to tell which app will open when you click on an email or phone number. However, One X sold internationally does not have this feature.

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