India Microsoft Store hacked, plain text passwords released


Hacking attempts are never good and in the case of big corporations such as Microsoft, it is anything but profitable for the company. Sad to say that the security in its Microsoft Store website was flawed and a group of individuals managed to break into the server and grabbed a trove of user information.

The Microsoft Store that is being mentioned here is the one from India. The crime was committed by a group of skilled hackers that called themselves the Evil Shadow Team. Suffice to say that the website was defaced and was replaced by a background of Guy Fawkes (made famous by Anonymous and a few other individuals) and a quote saying “Unsafe system will be baptized”.

Apparently the damage is quite powerful here because not only is the website defaced but sensitive information such as username, passwords, emails and many other things got leaked in plain text. This means that there is no need to decrypt, it is just there in plain sight and one can only imagine the extent of the damage that the group has done. However, right now Microsoft has regained control of the website as it is now being put offline for a moment. It will be quite some time before the full damage can be identified.

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