iOS 8.1.2 Will Prove a Solution for Performance Issues of iOS 8


iOS 8.1.2Those who have been using iOS 8 devices must have faced some performance issues. So, asiOS 8 had met various annoying issues in terms of performance, the tech giant Apple has recently released the iOS 8.1.2, which is a version of the issues being fixed. With most of the issues being addressed, this is an awaited launch.

Flaws that are fixed:

Many flaws existed in the previous version, but there was one which was quite irritating. The ringtones kept disappearing in the earlier version and this is one of the major flaws that is being addressed in the new gadgets. So, users can be sure that any ringtone purchased from iTunes can be stopped from missing. The recent version is a perfect solution to all the problems faced by the users of the previous version, says Apple.

Security Update:

No significant security update is offered by Apple for this version, but it includes the security update of version 8.1.1. This particular version has been exploited by many jailbreaking tools, and they can still work on iOS 8.1.2. This fact has been grabbing attention a lot. However, Apple is asserting that they have released a perfect solution.

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