Is Microsoft entering the Windows Phone Foray?


Earlier rumors sprang up if Microsoft is entering Windows Phone production and marketing it under Surface brand name. Microsoft’s evasive answering has fuelled tittle-tattle on whether or not the firm is going the smart way. The point of no return has analysts pondering over the alleged speculations on the work-in-progress for a new phone strategized under the partnering company, Surface.

Floating Microsoft Rumors

Widespread tales of indiscretion accusing MS of going the Windows Phone way, has not yielded any firm conclusions on the key answer, yes or no. Mobile market analysts have indulged in an earlier tirade on the ongoing discussions with MS regarding their smartphone venture.

Inconclusive speculations have repeatedly floated that point towards a strong possibility of the rumors leading to the truth. The current mobile gadgets market holders like Samsung, Nokia, and HTC are all leading Windows 8 integrated device providers. The need to up the sales by inventing new measures to invade the stronghold has skeptics believing in the reason behind the gossip.

No Fire without Fuel

Nokia’s new Lumia releases and other brand reveal are suspected to be the cause of Microsoft’s future reverse stance in the form of fresh smartphone equipments. With no definite answer in the offing, it is still up to the gossipmongers and believers alike to conclude regarding the often-reappearing issue.

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