January 21st Selected for Launching of Windows 10


Windows 10Microsoft is planning to launch the latest version of its Windows, i.e., Windows 10, on January 21st, 2015. The launching event is referred by the name of this new OS. It will be held at the company’s Redmond Campus.


Microsoft had already provided a preview of the version for enterprises and allowed developers to download it. The new version of this operating system is expected to be a consumer version. This too is a preview, and, therefore, work in progress. Microsoft expects feedback from gadgets world and intends to implement desired corrections. Effectively, a more comprehensive version of Windows 10 can arrive in the market around the middle of 2015.


Salient features of this OS include Start Menu giving glimpse of all applications that are open. The user can add an additional desktop differentiating work related to different companies, or even home and office. There will be Snap assist which would suggest applications, and facilitate snapping up of four apps simultaneously.

The operating system, if launched at the annual Consumer Electronic Show, would have got greater exposure. But it is missing that deadline, and, therefore, has to rely on its own features and Microsoft’s marketing network. The success of this product, therefore, depends on what that show has in store for gadgets world.

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