Latest Update from Skype: Android 3.0 tab Users Reported Bugs


Microsoft possessed Skype has recently released its latest updates for enhanced UI on android gadgets. But the users who are using Android 3.0 tabs have reported bugs in this release. On Tuesday, Microsoft has announced this new Skype release for Android 3.0 and said that it would tender more space on screen to the users.

The redesigned Skype for Android 3.0 carries 2 columns along with other common options which Skype users do use frequently like mobile/video calling, instant messaging and contacts.

Well, if you would have a look under the review section where this android app is listed on Google Play then you will come to know that relative less spacious screen sized tabs such as the Nexus 7 won’t support portrait mode for this app.

Some other users have reported other problems too. Like slow performance, sometimes a bit weird videos which are inverted, call drops in middle or even call crashes.

Well, this application utilizes the recently introduced audio codec by Microsoft named Silk. As per Microsoft, this audio codec is basically designed for high quality audio capturing and delivering, while using this codec Skype will be able to offer the best audio quality on android tabs even if the user in on fluctuating net connection.

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