LG Cloud Service Beta Launching Tomorrow


LG will launch its cloud services in smartphones, PCs and TVs from tomorrow May 1. The LG Cloud, which will be unveiled with the beta tag, will allow users to stream images and videos. The synching service is an answer to Apple’s iCloud, but unlike iCloud, the LG Cloud will work on Android smartphones apart from working with PCs and LG Smart Televisions.

Using LG Cloud

For using LG Cloud services, users have to download an application to their gadgets. For Android smartphone users, download the associated app from the Google Play. For PC users, a dedicated LG Cloud website has been launched while for LG Smart TVs download the app from the LG Smartworld store. Install the app and you can enjoy seamless synchronizing of your files over the air.

LG Cloud Offering

LG Cloud will give you 5 GB of free cloud storage space, and you will be charged for additional storage. Those who have an LG Smart TV or an LG smartphone will receive 50 GB of free storage up to 6 months. LG Cloud works on real-time streaming transcoding technology that converts files on the server side so you do not need codec or converters. The pricing of additional storage space has not been announced yet.

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