LG Revolution, Droid 3 Coming to End in January


After the long anticipation, Droid 4 is still not found anywhere; Verizon is also looking to come to end. An informant had told that the Droid 3 last shipment is going to arrive in January, after the six months when the phone was launched.

Is Verizon Droid 4 emerging out?

Actually the news is not as shocking as the Droid 3 is one of the options for which the Android (Verizon) shoppers seeking for a keyboard. May be this is the time when Droid 4 is trying to emerge out. But it looks quite surprising that the Droid 3 is cutting off just in 6 months after coming to the market. The nicest thing is this that the Motorola and Verizon are planning to support the owners by upgrading it to Ice Cream Sandwich platform.

More devices getting the end

The informant also revealed that the other gadgets, including, LG Revolution (which came seven months before in the market), Palm Pre 2 and the BlackBerry Curve 3G are going to cover the cut. Verizon is probably going to cut MI-Fi hotspots. Moreover, Novatel LTE Jetpack final shipment is arriving in January, whereas, ZTE Fivespot and Samsung LTE Jetpack will not be shipped at all. Zero LTE hotspots will be on the sale, and we will be waiting for the new crew coming soon.

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