LG will Launch Curved Screen Smartphones with OLED Panels in 2014


LG Curved SmartphonesNow it is LG’s turn to inform the market of its plans to introduce smartphones with flexible OLED screens. The South Korean electronics giant is just a couple of weeks behind its competitor Samsung with a similar announcement. LG’s announcement came on 7 October, 2013.

LG Following Samsung’s Footstep

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 will be arriving in a couple of weeks with the “Flexible OLED screen” feature. On the other hand, LG’s smartphones with the same feature will arrive in 2014. This would be the first time this technology would be available on smartphones.

Flexible OLED or the flexible organic light emitting diode technology gives the displays its flexibility. Though the technology has been incorporated on television sets offered by both companies, it cannot be tested as the displays are mounted on shells that are fixed, leaving the owner with little option or need to use this feature.

LG’s Press Release Said

LG’s press release clarified that the concavity in its handsets would be vertical with a radius of 28 inches or 700mm. Unlike it, Samsung’s handset will have the horizontal curve. In addition to this, the new LG gadget would have a 6 inches screen and weigh only 7.2 gm.

Industry experts opine that inclusion of this feature is not likely to translate into higher sales for the South Korean company. They feel that market’s wish list is something that can be worn on wrists, or smartphones that have displays that can be wrapped to the sides and back of the devices making the edges touchscreen, not the hard buttons.

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