Microsoft adds user friendly support to the SkyDrive Website


Microsoft has created a stir in 2013 by adding improvement in the SkyDrive website. By simply dragging the files to the destined folders, you can move files in SkyDrive. Earlier user had been selecting the Move command after right clicking and choosing the target folder for moving it.

Past vs Present

Take an example to apprehend this. Earlier if you had to remove a file from your document to the online storage of SkyDrive, you would have to go to the ‘Move to’ application, then name a target folder and then send it. But now you can simply drag the file that you want to remove elsewhere. For touch-screen gadgets, you can simply tap, select and drag to send. If you intent multiple files transfer then select and drag all of them to the corner and then transfer them.

Sharing files has become easier

With the latest advancement, the Sharing option allows you facilitate in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter applications. The speed has also been improved as with security encryptions.

Microsoft is making an effort for making the SkyDrive service more users friendly. Even though, these changes are minuscule, yet the attempt to make the website more user-friendly is commendable.

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