Microsoft Announced for Skype takes over Windows Live Messenger


On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that Windows Live Messenger is going to retire, and instead of that, customers can use Skype, which is the company’s main messaging software. Consumers will now be able to sign in to messenger ID and would get the facility of storing Hotmail, Messenger, and Outlook contacts at one position.

Features of Skype

Shifting away from Live Messenger is due to Microsoft’s acquisition of $8.5 billion Skype. With the Skype facility, consumers can now chat on the various platforms such as android and iPad tablets. They can also make video calls; do screen sharing, group chatting, send instant messages, and can contacts on the landlines and mobiles, as well.

Reason for switching over to Skype

Although Live Messenger had a vast customer base, but still Skype took over because of its high-class video calling facility. One of the spokespersons has said that Messenger is not suitable for Xbox console or TV platform, but Skype can communicate well with its video feature.

Facebook integration with Skype has also proved to be an advantage as people can easily hop over the video chat. They expect the similar video calling features from the Windows Live Messenger, which is lacking in Messenger. The reason is quite obvious why Skype is becoming an essential communication platform in all Microsoft gadgets.

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