Microsoft Offers $100 to Upgrade Windows XP


Windows XP Upgrade to Windows 8All the Windows OS users using gadgets, 35% use Microsoft’s XP. Microsoft has planned to shut the support for XP and is ready to pay $100 for the XP users to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8. The OS, which has been in use for more than 12 years, will no more have any security updates from Microsoft.

What are the Plans of Microsoft?

Microsoft says XP will come to an end on April 8, this year. For the XP users, Microsoft pays the credit of $100, for the computers and laptops that worth $600 to $2300. This offer is valid till 15th June of 2014. This upgrade promo is not only with credit, but also technical support for 3 months. These offers are to urge all the users for the upgrade.

Why is the Upgrade Necessary?

With the shutdown of support for Windows XP from Microsoft, the OS will face severe threats of viruses. The OS becomes vulnerable and defenseless. Compared with getting a new computer, repairing of Windows XP gadgets is of higher cost, and hence experts recommend upgrading the OS, as Microsoft advises.

Windows XP users this is a high time to upgrade your plan!

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