Microsoft Officially Launched Windows 8, Microsoft Surface and New Windows Store


At New York, official launching of Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface tablet has been done. The event was like a non-event as most of the things were revealed much earlier, so it can be said as a total recap of all the things done earlier.

Windows 8 Operating System Price

Microsoft has announced the online and on store availability of Windows 8 at the cost of $39.99. However, the Windows 8 view has retained its desktop view, but another view compatible with the touchscreen gadgets is also been added.

According to Windows President Steven Sinofsky informed that around One thousand computers are already certified for newly launched Windows 8 and some Windows PCs based on Windows 8 will be sold under the price range of $300.

Compatibility of Windows 7 PCs with Windows 8

Sinofsky has also informed that the Windows 7 based PCs will also work well with Windows 8; however, running more efficiently and faster.

Microsoft that would compete with Apple’s app store also launched Windows 8 apps based online store. Sinofsky and Microsoft also said about their downsized version i.e. Windows RT that is mainly used for tablets. Windows RT can run the apps bought only from the Windows store, and it has an ARM processor that uses less power.

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