Microsoft Plans to Stop Antivirus Updates for Windows XP


MSE UPDATEMicrosoft’s plan to stop antivirus updates for Windows XP has not surprised the gadgets world. It is only a logical conclusion to Microsoft Security Essentials since Windows XP and other Microsoft Operating Systems are fast losing market share to Operating Systems on handheld gadgets. Microsoft has already announced that, from April 9th 2014, it will stop supporting its Windows XP, as well as Office 2003.

The World without MSE

It is a foregone conclusion that virus creators will now have the field to themselves. Window XP is used for much important money related functions including in vending machines, ATMs, cash registers, and parking meters. Lack of support from Microsoft can play havoc with these systems, especially since they would need to invest in completely new set of hardware and software during the recession period. The problem arises because most of the existing systems and hardware are not compatible with many new operating systems.

Opportunity for Antivirus Businesses and IBM

When the lord closes the door, somewhere he opens a window. So the saying goes. Microsoft’s exit has become a big opportunity for antivirus businesses because they can now offer to keep Windows XP and Office 2003 systems free from virus attacks. It is a job opportunity for many small programmers, especially considering that Google Chrome will continue to extend its support to this half dead OS. Stand alone systems that ran on remote CPUs will also be forced to acquire some hardware, which is good news for IBM.

Clearly there are no easy solutions as the world holds it breath for April 8.  Transition to advanced systems is essential because it is an eventual requirement. However, not many can afford such transition in the immediate future what with recession having taken its toll. This means, Windows XP will be here for some more time, despite the hazards.

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