Microsoft Re-releases Update of Firmware Surface Pro2 After Rectifying Errors


Microsoft Surface 2Microsoft has finally gotten its act together in so far as its Surface Pro2’s firmware is concerned. Surface Pro 2 tablets from Microsoft have Intel chip in them. These second generation gadgets are expected to wipe out laptops in the near future. It may be recalled that the company released its firmware update in December 2013, but as it had buggy issues, so the product had to be recalled. Microsoft did announce that it would remove those bugs and re-release the Surface firmware in January. It has already released an update for tablets using Windows 8 as well as 8.1.

Issues with Old Surface Pro 2 Firmware’s Updates

Some people could not even install the firmware’s update at that point of time. Microsoft has not yet clarified the position of those who could and continue to grapple with those bugs. Primary flaw that irked the markets was the effect on battery life which has been an issue even with the first generation of Surface pro devices especially with respect to both Touch, as well as Type covers. Similarly, there were problems with sleep mode and shut down mode.


Nothing new is included in the re-released versions of the firmware updates of Surface Pro 2. However, people are receiving notifications of updates, which for some reason are silent about which bugs have been removed in them. Apparently, the bugs are being removed one at a time.

Such teething problems are inevitable, but since the firmware and applications were coming from a company like Microsoft, gadgets market expected fewer flaws and more quality check. But perhaps, Microsoft was in a rush, to capture or at least retain its market share around the festive season and ended up with a handful for the New Year.

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