Microsoft Releases the Permanent Patch for Internet Explorer Security Hole


Microsoft has released an Internet Explorer update for fixing a security issue that could lead to personal computers vulnerable to attacks by hackers. Before releasing the permanent solution, Microsoft Corp. initially gave a temporary patch for this issue on Wednesday.

Permanent Solution

If your system is set for the automatic updates, then the PC running on Windows OS will automatically install the update for a permanent solution. While for installing the temporary solution, you are required to click on the link. Microsoft is requesting its users to enable their gadgets for automatic updates for retrieving and installing the permanent security patch.

Competitors for Internet Explorer

Microsoft is urging for the permanent security patch, to be installed in the PCs as Internet explorer has been losing its market share in competition with the other web browsers. However, some of the researches are still maintaining Internet Explorer as the market leader in spite of Google Chrome being the safer and faster alternative. Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari are also the strong contenders.

However, amidst of the security threats Microsoft is planning to release the newest version of Internet Explorer. The date of launch of the new version is expected to be on Oct. 26.

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